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18 cm x 18cm x 1.5 cm
The Alexis cast is our go-to for petit flat pressed flower preservation.
Delicate and unsuspecting, the Alexis can be either round or square. Each Alexis has a custom timber base to create a freestanding cast. Both the round and square option are 18cm across and just 1.5cm thick.
The Alexis is a wonderful choice for delicate blooms that can be flat pressed for flower preservation. Our favourite flowers for this cast are lightweight, delicate and fine. Being easily pressed flat is a requirement for all flowers hoping to be cast in the Alexis. Our recommendations for suitable flowers are sweetpea, lissianthus, spray garden roses and hellebores. Also popular are individual petals and leaves or floral confetti made from larger flowers.
Although often requested, the Alexis is not suitable for buttonholes, wrist corsages or robust flowers. Imported roses, tropical flowers and natives are better suited to our deeper casts.
The Alexis was an Embedded Blooms original for flat pressed flower preservation. We love the way she shines from any direction and how she can be layered within your homes decorative pieces. She's fine and dainty and can be stacked alongside books or safely on your bedside table.
You can see our Alexis featured in the "Many Memories To Share" Bundle alongside our Tokens, Heart and Ava. This bundle provides a harmony between flat pressed and natural dried blooms.

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Alexis Options

Round + Timber Stand, Round + Hanging, Square + Timber stand, Square + Hanging


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