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10 cm x 10cm x up to 10cm deep
The Ava cast is our minimalistic approach to single bloom resin preservation. Designed specifically for a single flower or buttonhole, the Ava is a sweet bedside addition.
The Ava cast measures 10cm tall and 10cm across and can be up to 10cm deep. Although it looks unsuspecting, it is quite generous with 10cm2 of surface area and up to 10cm of depth. This provides ample space for most flower heads either on their own or layered as a stack. The Ava is an EB favourite as a bookend or sophisticated bedside decor.
Favourite florals for our Ava cast are imported roses, hydrangea heads and cymbidium orchids. Although designed with single bloom resin preservation in mind, we can certainly pack plenty in. The Ava is tall and wide enough for up to three imported roses, 3-5 carnations and a multitude of smaller details.
Most buttonholes also fit into the Ava either upright or floating on an angle. At assessment, if your buttonhole is too tall we may recommend our Isla as a better fit.
Additionally, the Ava can be purchased in multiples as a "his + hers" design. Likewise, it's for this reason that the Ava serves as a beautiful momento for memorial flowers. Each family member can choose their own flowers from a casket spray or wreath.
You can find our Ava shining in the "Many Memories To Share" Bundle. This bundle also features our Alexis, Tokens and Heart keepsakes.
Provide the perfect finish for your Ava with a Custom Timber Base to set beneath it. Engrave your timber base with a significant date, initials or name.

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Is this for a single buttonhole?

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Add a Timber Stand?

No – Just the Ava cast Thanks!, Ava + Timber Stand $30


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