Australian Flower Resin Preservation Specialists Embedded Blooms green script logo with pink block letters and transparent paint splash




23 cm x 23 cm x up to 8cm deep.
Deep Flower Resin Block large floral preservation cast
Emi is the second largest of our deep flower resin blocks. She is square and bold, perfect for embedding the robust blooms in our lives. Emi is a wonderful choice for large flower preservation and is ideal for an impactful statement piece.
Emi is our "middle child", being smaller than our Georgia but larger than our Grace. You will love her as much as we do. This cast provides such as much width and depth as the Georgia. Yet, is a fraction shorter for those who prefer a square finish over a rectangle.
Emi is generous enough to feature fresh flowers that have dried in silica, or those that have been air dried. Being a deep cast, she's big enough to host whole blooms of both the import and native variety.
This large floral preservation cast is versatile and bold. Imagine this incredible statement piece in your hallway, capturing the afternoon light. Reminisce of your wedding celebration, post ceremony bubbles and nights full of laughter.
Or, she can hold more somber memories of a grand gesture of love, capturing the blooms created for your loved ones final journey.
You can customise your Emi cast with a handmade timber base, using up to 26 characters. Or you can add more pieces to your collection and view our Emi in the "Everlasting Moments" Bundle. This bundle also features our coasters, ring holder and keychains. The perfect complimentary pieces to sprinkle memories around your home and amongst your family and friends.

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Just the Emi thanks!, Emi + Timber Stand $30


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