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What is the ordering process?

It’s a simple 3 step process to have your flowers preserved by Embedded Blooms.

→ Choose your cast

→ Add all your items to your cart and complete your order

→ Receive a confirmation email with your order number and drop off/post details

→ Receive a call from our team within 48 hours to confirm the details

How do I get my fresh flowers to you in Camden?

We show you the best way to pack your fresh flowers so that they arrive in the best condition to be preserved in resin.

You have three options in getting your fresh flowers to us.


  1. Add our pre-paid and pre-packed Fresh Box to your order. It comes complete with everything you’ll need for your flowers to arrive safely and in their best condition. So add it to your order and watch the video below to best pack your Embedded Blooms Fresh Box.

  2. Make your own Fresh Box. After watching the video below, you will see all the required materials and the best way to pack your box once you have made it up. Then post your flowers to us.

  3. Hand deliver your flowers to us in Camden NSW. You have access to our drop off area, where you will find everything you need to leave the flowers with us, from a bucket with your name on it to scissors to give the flowers a fresh cut. You will receive our address once your order is confirmed for your Embedded Blooms cast.

how do i care for my flowers before the get to you at Embedded Blooms?

The best advice we can give is to hydrate! After your event, give your flowers a trim (1cm off the stems will do) and pop them straight into a clean vase with fresh water. Keep the flowers in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight or warmth (like candles) until you can get them to HQ. If you can’t get to HQ right away, give them a trim and fresh water every second day until you can.

how do i know which cast to choose

All Embedded Blooms casts come with dimension guides to help the selection process. As flowers are of course natural elements, no two flowers are the same and they certainly don’t stick to size restrictions!

However, we can help;

→ Place an order for one of our signature casts, for example, an Alexis, then when you’re ready to add on to your order simply contact us and we’ll send you a direct link to our “Envelope Extras”

What can I expect my finished resin flower cast to look like?

You can expect a one of a kind, absolutely unique cast. No two casts are alike and we make a point to make them different.

You can expect most of your flowers to be entirely submerged with the possibility of a few details coming through the resin to create a 3D effect.

You can also expect the presence of bubbles that are naturally released from air trapped inside the flowers as the resin sets.

On occasion we make the decision to sand and polish your cast to remove any slight imperfections on the external walls, giving them a smooth and uniform finish. This can sometimes result in a slightly matte finish on these walls.


After your flowers have arrived at our HQ we’ll be in touch to chat if we have any concerns about about the condition of the flowers or your cast choice.

We then process the required flowers to create your cast (plus a lil extra!) by cleaning the petals and leaves and rehydrating any blooms that need an extra drink.

Once the flowers have been prepared, we then begin the drying process by layering the blooms in silica sand which dehydrates them completely.

After the flowers have completed the drying process they take a little beauty break before being composed (and run by you for feedback on layout) and set in layers of resin, embedding them forever.

After your cast is complete it may require some extra sparkle by being sanded and polished. Then it’s packed and sent home to you!

How long will the process take for me to get my custom resin cast?

Custom casts can take anywhere from 16-24 weeks from inception to completion (that is 4-5 months after we have received your flowers). Please allow additional time for postage.

Will I see my flowers on your socials?

You very well may! We are so incredibly proud of our work and are honoured to showcase our customers beautiful blooms.

We photograph every order before it leaves our HQ and sometimes they may even work their way into an extra special photoshoot!

We’d love for you to share any posts, stories or reels we create with your casts and even more so love receive photos of you on your big day or of the blooms at their event.

What are the care instructions for my resin flower cast?

Like all artwork, Embedded Blooms casts will last a life time with a little bit of TLC. Resin is a chemically compounded plastic which will naturally yellow over time. Keep your cast away from direct sunlight (ie in front of bright windows) and heat (like fire places and candles). Clean fingerprints and dust off your cast with a microfibre cloth and touch of vegetable oil (olive oil is a big no-no!).

What if I don't like my custom flower cast?

We understand from time to time, expectations and reality may be two polar opposites. Although we put all the love, care and responsibility into our casts, the process of handing your treasured flowers to Embedded Blooms is one of trust. We are limited in what we have to create with when our clients provide their own flowers and we strive to create something beautiful and everlasting. If you aren’t absolutely in love with your Embedded Blooms cast, please reach out directly via email so that we can find a happy solution.